Box cutter, utility blade, utility knife, office supplies
The Dani Blade!
Box cutter, utility knife, office supplies, moving supplies
The Dani Blade!
The Dani Blade!
The Dani Blade!
The Dani Blade!
The Dani Blade!
The Dani Blade!

The Dani Blade!

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The Dani Blade is designed for easy and safe use. This hand-mounted, auto-retractable box cutter is designed with a spring-loaded blade to automatically retract when the hand opens, to maximize control and safety. 

It features a durable, stainless steel blade for an effortless cut with less strain. Simply close your hand to push the blade forward, and open your hand to retract the blade again, making your job faster and easier. With unique, ergonomic adjustable rings, The Dani Blade has a secure and comfortable fit. This device makes cutting quicker and more efficient. Tested for strength, safety and quality, the Dani Blade is ideal for any cutting job. Enjoy the convenience of a professional-grade box cutter with the safety of a retractable blade in the palm of your hand!

The best part about The Dani Blade is that you don't have to put it down to keep working! 




There Are Many Ways To Dani Blade!

1. Opening boxes/warehouse work, cutting wires/electrical work

2. Fishing and hunting

3. Wrapping presents, cutting paper, arts & crafts

4. Scoring drywall, flooring or laying carpet

And So Much More!

 How Will You Dani Blade?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Johana F.

I love my DaniBlade! It’s a revolutionary invention!!!!! Great quality! Easy to use! Easy to store! I love that I can replace the blades without having to replace the whole tool!!

Time Saver & Excellent Product!

I received the DaniBlade just before the holidays and I had a chance to use it on all the cardboard boxes you get just before Christmas. It was a huge time saver.

Breaking down boxes is always a pain. You set the blade down, drop it on the floor, or forget to retract the blade and almost cut yourself. The DaniBlade stayed in my hand the entire time and allowed me to carry the cardboard to the recycle bin without putting the blade down. It seems like a small win, but it definitely eliminated a lot of frustration.

I haven't had a chance to try it on other projects yet, but the blade is very sharp and I think it would easily cut through other materials.

David B.
Best Box Cutter

What an amazing invention. I will never lose my box cutter again. I love all the different safety points on the cutter. Also, it came with several blade refills. 5 Stars.

Regina C.

This is the perfect gift for my husband. He's always doing something around the house. Would recommend this product.

Joseph M.
Gods Glory !

My brother , God is going to bless you with a giant contract with Amazon and you will distribute Worldwide in all goods, services and products. In Jesus name, pray in agreement with these Words and ask the the Lord to open the channels , doors and gates to the possibilities. What is Written is Final. In Jesus Christ Mighty Name.